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Our staff includes talented and skilled writers who can develop a broad range of styles suitable for fictional and non-fictional works. Our authors are subject matter experts who have worked with clients from around the world on various topics in every conceivable genre. They not only possess a wealth of information, but they also understand how to put it all together to create incredible things! Whether you wish to acquire new skills or need assistance launching your ideal project, we can assist you. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience, you may make such novels a reality.

Our Aim

Our goal is to provide emerging writers with a platform on which they may finish their work. However, we're not only here to help aspiring writers. Established authors who want to release and market unpublished works can also use our services. We have clients of different sizes, and we are happy to create original material for their websites and businesses to support their development and long-term success.

Our Vision

Our vision is defined by our aim. We work hard to be the best ghostwriting service in the industry, assisting individuals and businesses in succeeding in their respective industries. At Vanilla Heart Publishers, we go to great lengths to ensure that the quality of our work and the quickness with which we provide content completely please our clients. We offer 100% authentic original content with a quick turnaround to achieve optimum productivity. We are honored to have made a big difference in our customers' success stories.


Our Methodology of Work

To ensure consistency, we adhere to our specialized working procedure.

Book Evaluation

An evaluation of the book comes first. Here, we gather details regarding your book, its purpose, and its intended readership. To have a thorough idea of your writing aims and goals for the book, we also question you about them.

Book Summary

We create a book outline when we have gathered all the essential data. This will aid with the organization and content planning of your book. You can also benefit from using the book outline as a tool. It will help you to understand your book's topics and organizational structure clearly.

Composing and Editing

We start writing your book once we have a plan for it. We will collaborate with you to ensure the book is aligned with your vision. We will edit the book once it is written to ensure it is error-free and flows naturally.


We will proofread the book once it has been edited to find any last-minute mistakes.


Once the book has been thoroughly checked for flaws, we will style it to provide a polished final product.


Once your book is designed, we'll assist you in getting it published. We may either produce a print-on-demand edition or release it on Amazon Kindle.


The Work We
Have Delivered

It has been more than 9 years since Vanilla Heart Publishers entered the market. Our team of more than 300 local authors has written over 100 books for various clients. Out of the hundreds of novels written, around 200 have become bestsellers worldwide! When you choose to work with us, you can be sure you're working with the best in the business.


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Our Clients Speak For Us!

I have been dealing with Vanilla Heart Publishers for the first time as an author. I have been in the 'book business' as a writer for a long time but hitherto through an agent who has just retired. Now that I am marketing myself I decided to go with MBW for my second fiction work, and my contract was put in the hands of Michael Jordan. This guy deserves a lot of credit. Michael was on the 'phone to me probably more times than I've had hot dinners recently, to get matters sorted out. At all times he has been friendly, courteous and, above all, extremely efficient at resolving the issues, none of which was his direct responsibility. He is a great credit to MBW and a joy to work with! Power to your elbow, Michael! I'll be back in touch for marketing the next book and insisting on working with you.

Eliza Martin

Vanilla Heart Publishers is an amazing team who is making your publishing dreams come true at the most affordable price. Many thanks to Michael Jordan who had a divine patience with me as the author of this yoga book. No other publishing house has been so helpful to solve all my yoga book problems as the Vanilla Heart Publishers. I spent a lot of money to see my books published, but if I had known earlier about the existence of this team of good, kind and dedicated people I would have saved a lot of money. Thank you, Michael Jordan and the whole Vanilla Heart Publishers's team! I will continue publishing with you!

Arlene Rodriguez

This year I made a choice to try and have my poetry reach out to a wider audience to help raise awareness for Mental Health worldwide. Never before published and was like a fish out of water! Vanilla Heart Publishers were a calm voice of reason with a clear understanding of my wishes and goals for the book. They offered guidance and advice throughout the entire process. Each stage of development was transparent and simple to follow, even for a beginner like myself! I would best describe the people as warm, professional, insightful and extremely patient and understanding. An absolute pleasure to work with. I love the work they have done so far and have already started preparing my second book. Feels like I've known them forever, a real family connection.Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in writing.

Dana Page

I'm not a professional writer, but I had an idea for a book and I wanted to get it down on paper. I found Vanilla Heart Publishers online and I couldn't be happier with the results. They understood my idea very well and transformed it into a full-fledged novel. I’d recommend them to anyone who has an idea for a book but doesn't know how to get started.

Jon Yates

I am so happy I found this book writing service! They are amazing at helping you capture your story and turning it into a book that you will be proud of. Your help has been priceless in getting my novel written and published. I couldn't have done it without you! Moreover, their editing services are impeccable. Definitely going to hire them again!

Silvia Hunter

I'm so glad I decided to use book writing services from these guys! You helped me bring my book to life and I couldn't be happier with the final product. Your attention to detail and knowledge of the publishing industry was invaluable. I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues and friends.

Sean Graves

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