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Have you previously released your book but still find it challenging to outperform the competition? Never give up! Your book will be discovered with the assistance of our professional book writers and marketing specialists! We can assist you in boosting sales and attracting the interest of more potential customers by using effective marketing methods. Because no two things are the same and we want to support our client's success from the first, we customize our marketing strategies to promote each distinct product. We offer a complete book marketing solution, including ghostwriting, editing, and advertising.

Personal marketing Assistants

Our marketing assistance will promote your book through various physical and online platforms. Additionally, they will support your book's internet and social media promotion.

Social Media Set-Up

We create a multi-faceted social media campaign that promotes you and your work, support, and advice for the promotion of your work. We promote your book on multiple social media channels.

Creative and Appealing Bookmarks

Available in different sizes, shapes & colors, our bookmarks are designed to attract attention and make your book stand out.

Digital Postcards

We create a series of postcards to market your book, using your cover art, interior illustrations and/or your own photographs. The postcards can be used for book fairs, book signings, conventions, and other events.

Business Cards

Our book marketing business cards are designed to be an effective marketing tool to promote your book. We design high definition quality card stock that are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Small & Attractive Posters

We will design sleek and eye-catching posters to promote your book. You can easily coordinate these posters with your current marketing materials.

Amazon Kindle

Our publishing house work alongside with our marketing experts to promote your book on the Amazon Kindle platform by using your social media and web platforms and leveraging the Amazon platform so as to help you reach a wider audience.

BookVideo Trailers

Many writers have found success in the publishing business by creating booktrailers, which are similar to movie trailers but for written works. Though the process of creating a book trailer may seem daunting at first, much like how it was more difficult at first to create movies, we'll ensure that your story is brought to life by using the power of multimedia to help people understand what your work is all about.

Press Release

When it comes to marketing, you want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward. Generating publicity is considered as one of the best ways to market your book. Engaging the media with a well-written press release after publishing your book helps with getting exposure in different places, increasing exposure, growing awareness and expanding the visibility of your work!

Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great resourceful passage for sellers to market their products. Channels such as YouTube and Instagram happen to be both viable marketing strategies for businesses and powerful technology for those who want to create their own social content to market their goods.

Marketing Consultation

Our marketing consultants will create a new marketing strategy to help you and your book thrive in today's market, finding innovative ways to sell your goods. Then they determine what works, what doesn't, and how best to move forward with a tailored marketing strategy they created specifically for you and your needs based on the competition

Apple Books

When it comes to selling books, we have always followed a more traditional path. We start off by launching books in physical form before carrying them into electronic formats. We will link your book to the Apple Books network from your website and social media platforms.

Barnes & Noble Book Edition

You’ve put hours into your website and worked hard establishing a presence on social media for your book. But can you be sure that your online endeavors are bringing in the right kind of visitors? Personalizing emails that come with updates about what you’re up to will help generate fresh readers who don’t live in your city yet adore your books.

Author Website

One of the main reasons you should have a website is to build your online reputation. Research shows that a good website creates an excellent first impression for potential customers searching online. This can increase your ability to create partnerships with bigger companies as well.

Article Writing

Our professional writers will create articles for you to use in your book promotion. These articles will be keyword rich and designed to help you rank higher in the search engines and get more traffic to your book’s website or blog.

Audio Book

One thing to be mindful of is how audio can enhance literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary enhancement, and pronunciation, and phonemic awareness, lexical and syntactic awareness for comprehension purposes- which is thereby a necessity in today’s world. We will not only market your book alongside your audio book but also help promote it online as well so that readers won't find it hard to find!


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Order Details

Fill out the form on our website by providing the information requested, including the demographics your book will appeal to and the most appropriate marketing methods.



After completing your order, our specialists will conduct a thorough interview with you as part of a one-time research process to identify your book's target audience.


Initial Strategy

Our marketing specialists collaborate closely with you to build a plan once your book has been written and the initial marketing campaigns have started. They do this by thinking of how people will learn about your book.


Pre-Launch Advertising

You must start building your own network as soon as possible. By putting into practice the marketing plan that you selected during the project's development phase, we build a passionate and devoted following around your book before it is even released.


Book Launch

You must be putting in a lot of effort to make it successful. However, don't worry. You are supported by skilled marketing strategists who know just how to connect with people who will most likely adore your idea.


Post-Launch Promotion

When your book is published, our staff will work hard to promote it to become a bestseller. And what better promotion than receiving five-star ratings on Amazon?

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I'm not a professional writer, but I wanted to put my book concept down on paper since I had it. I discovered a book by Vanilla Heart Publishers, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes. They thoroughly understood my concept and developed it into a whole novel. I would advise them to anyone who has a book concept but is unsure of how to proceed.

John Smith

I'm glad that I came upon this book writing service! They are fantastic at working with you to collect your narrative and a book that you will be proud of. Your assistance in getting my work written and published has been invaluable. Without you, I couldn't have accomplished it! Their editing services are also exceptional. I'll definitely work with them again!

Robert Johnson

I'm very happy I made a choice to hire these people's book writing services! Thanks to your assistance, I am thrilled with how my book turned out. Your meticulousness and publishing business expertise was crucial. They are absolutely someone I would tell my friends and coworkers about.

Karen Cooper

I had hired a book writing agency for the first time as an author. As a writer, I have long been involved in the "book business. The decision to choose Vanilla Heart Publishers for my second literary project was made after I wanted to advertise myself more, and Michael was in charge of my contract. A lot of credit should go to this man. Michael called me more often to resolve issues than I've lately enjoyed hot dinners. He has always been nice, polite, and, most importantly, incredibly effective at fixing the problems—even though none of them were specifically his fault. He is an excellent representative of Vanilla Heart Publishers and a pleasure to deal with! Power to your elbow, Michael! Highly recommended!

Nancy Holland

With the most reasonable price possible, the incredible team at book Vanilla Heart Publishers is fulfilling all of your publishing goals. The author of this yoga book would like to express my gratitude to George for his patience. Vanilla Heart Publishers has been more helpful than any other publishing business in assisting me with all aspects of my yoga book. I paid a lot of money to get my books published, but I could have avoided it if I had known about this group of honest, kind, and committed individuals earlier. Brook and the entire Vanilla Heart Publishers team, thank you!

Nina Jones

I decided this year to attempt to reach out to a bigger audience with my poems to promote mental health awareness worldwide. It had never been published before, so I felt out of place. Vanilla Heart Publishers acted as a steadying influence and understood my expectations and goals for the book. They provided direction and advised at every stage. Even for a beginner like me, each level of progress was apparent and easy to follow. The individuals are friendly, professional, smart, and incredibly patient and understanding, which is how I would best sum them up. Absolutely wonderful to deal with. I've already begun planning my second book since I like the work they've done so far. I feel a genuine family connection with them as if I've known them forever. Highly advised for anyone with a passion for writing.

Erik Walker

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